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 Fan-created Ys IV CD art & tray insert DIRECTIONS: Print, cut and fold the CD tray inserts, booklets and artwork below. Allow ink to fully dry before handling paper. Printing on slightly thicker paper/card stock (110#) may yield better results, but score seams prior to folding. For artwork on the CD-R itself, LightScribe produces a nice grayscale image. Otherwise, use stick-on labels.

WHY DOES THIS PAGE EXIST? Over the years, folks have created CD art, CD booklets and CD tray inserts for official and unoffical TG-16/DUO software releases.

For example, the official pack-in software for the North American TurboDuo (DUO) came in generic CD jewel cases. The Ys Book I & II pack-in lacked a CD tray insert (the instruction manual, however, was included). Similarly, the Gate of Thunder (3-in-1) disc never included a CD tray insert, either. TTi simply bundled four separate instruction manuals (Gate of Thunder, Bonk's Adventure, Bonk's Revenge and Bomberman) + disc + generic jewel case.

Lastly, the TG-16/PCE community has created booklets, inserts and artwork for unoffical software releases (such as fan translations, dubs, hacks, prototypes, unreleased games, etc.).

THANK YOU: Whenever possible, credit for each contribution is noted.

Gate of Thunder (TurboDuo pack-in)…  

Many folks have created a back insert for the empty jewel case that housed the Gate of Thunder 3-in-1 pack-in disc. Each design is unique and worthy of your printer…

 Gate of Thunder (Insert O)

▼ DOWNLOAD Gate of Thunder (Insert O) (2360x1827 .jpg)

Gate of Thunder (Insert O). As far as I can tell, this was the first design (circa 2005) to be posted on the forums. The code to unlock Bomberman is thoughtfully listed amidst the copyright notices. DESIGNED BY: TJ Rappel.

TRIVIA: Nine years and five months after TJ first shared this design with forum members, I emailed him. I asked if he still had the Gate of Thunder 3-in-1 file saved somewhere, anywhere, in any format (.jpg, .psd, .what-have-you). I was not expecting a response. Sure, I hoped he would respond, but I did not expect a response. To my delight, TJ swiftly responded that evening. After nearly a decade of being "forgotten", his work found a new audience.

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 Gate of Thunder (Insert A)

▼ DOWNLOAD Gate of Thunder (Insert A) (800x624 .jpg)
▼ DOWNLOAD Gate of Thunder (Insert A) (1773x1383 .pdf)
▼ DOWNLOAD Gate of Thunder (Insert A) (1773x1383 .tif)

Gate of Thunder (Insert A). The Gate of Thunder insert above was modeled after the North American design and layout for Lords of Thunder. DESIGNED BY: vestcoat.

NOTE: No mention is made of the other games included on this disc, although the code for unlocking Bomberman is conveniently mentioned in the copyright notices.

 GoT vs. LoT

COMPARISON: Placed side-by-side in the photograph, the fan-made insert (left) remains faithful to TTi's official product (right). To see how this project evolved over the years, consult the "Now Available: Gate of Thunder Insert" thread at

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 Gate of Thunder (insert) (b)

▼ DOWNLOAD Gate of Thunder (Insert B) (1280x1000 .jpg)

Gate of Thunder (Insert B). This Gate of Thunder insert includes screenshots of the other games included on the disc: Bonk's Adventure, Bonk's Revenge and Bomberman. DESIGNED BY: Joe Redifer.

 Joe's Gate of Thunder

FOR THE RECORD: Joe holds the finished product in his soft, pale hand. He prefers his own design over that of vestcoat. To witness the charming "rivalry" between Joe and vestcoat, read his "I prefer mine" posts at

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 Gate of Thunder (Insert C)

▼ DOWNLOAD Gate of Thunder (Insert C) (782x600 .jpg)

Gate of Thunder (Insert C). The layout of this black & white Gate of Thunder insert achieves a spartan, minimalist aesthetic. DESIGNED BY: Joe Redifer.

TRIVIA: In the PCE community, this design is affectionately referred to as the "Snort Blo" insert.

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Ys Book I & II (TurboDuo pack-in)…  

If you want authenticity, then use Ys: Book I & II (Insert B), with its austere, black void. Otherwise, the other designs (featuring artwork) are quite stunning.

 Ys Book I & II (Insert A)

▼ DOWNLOAD Ys Book I & II (Insert A) (1599x1249 .png)

Ys Book I & II (Insert A). The artwork is gorgeous. DESIGNED BY: Duo_R.

 Ys Book I & II (Insert B)

▼ DOWNLOAD Ys Book I & II (Insert B) (1772x1388 .png)

Ys Book I & II (Insert B). This is a reproduction of the original insert from the 1990 release of Ys Book I & II. This is the design to use if you want authenticity. Many of the early TG-CD games featured a simple, black design like the one above. DESIGNED BY: cjameslv.

 Ys Book I & II (Insert C)

▼ DOWNLOAD Ys Book I & II (Insert C) (1772x1388 .png)

Ys Book I & II (Insert C). This is what the insert might have looked like (sans the "CD GAME" logo) during the TurboDUO era, when CD releases were shrinkwrapped jewel boxes (no cardboard boxes). All of the screenshots/information previously found on the cardboard box was now incorporated into the tray card. DESIGNED BY: cjameslv.

CD vs. CD GAME: The "CD GAME" logo was used during the "second wave" of TG-CD releases, appearing on games such as Valis II, Final Zone II, etc. The "first wave" of TG-CD games, as I hereby dub the TG-CD launch titles, consisted of only two releases—Fighting Street and Monster Lair—both of which featured a huge, orange "CD" logo plastered on the back. The "CD GAME" logo was abandoned when the new Super CD (SCD) format was introduced with System Card 3.0 and TurboDUO.

SEARCH ENGINE: I do not know if I need to do this, but for the benefit of the ignorant (and search engines), let me simply state the following: The title of this game is NOT "Ys 1 and 2", nor is it "Y's I & II", nor is it "Y's Books 1 & 2".

Ys IV: Dawn of Ys (fan translation/dub)…  

The history of this project is interesting. First, a fan-translated version of Ys IV was released in 2004. All in-game text was in English, but the cinemas and spoken dialogue remained in Japanese. Then, many years later, in a separate project, an English-language dub was created and released…

 Ys IV (Insert A)

▼ DOWNLOAD Ys IV (Insert A) (3544x2775 .png)

Ys IV: Dawn of Ys (Insert A). Although it is not immediately apparent, this version features some minor nudity. A family-friendly version was also created, but it may have been lost. DESIGNED BY: Sadler.

 Ys IV: Manual Cover  Ys IV: Manual Interior

▼ DOWNLOAD Ys IV (Manual Cover) (5700x2834 .png)
▼ DOWNLOAD Ys IV (Manual Interior) (5700x2834 .png)

INSTRUCTION MANUAL: This was designed to be a double-sided booklet, which can be tricky to print (aligning the front and back panels can be challenging). DESIGNED BY: Sadler.

NOTE: An English translation of the entire Japanese manual is available here (.pdf).

 Ys IV (Disc A)  Ys IV: Original vs. A vs. A2

▼ DOWNLOAD Ys IV (Disc A) (2500x2500 .gif)

Ys IV: Dawn of Ys (Disc A). For artwork on the CD-R itself, LightScribe produces a nice grayscale image (5-6 passes when burning produced the results seen in the photograph). Alternatively, use a stick-on label. DESIGNED BY: Sadler.

 Ys IV (Disc A2)  Ys IV: Original vs. A2

▼ DOWNLOAD Ys IV (Disc A2) (800x800 .png)

Ys IV: Dawn of Ys (Disc A2). This is an earlier, simpler design (without Adol). It was intended to echo the text-centric design on the original PC-Engine disc. DESIGNED BY: Sadler.

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 Ys IV (Disc B)

▼ DOWNLOAD Ys IV (Disc B) (2000x2000 .jpg)

Ys IV: Dawn of Ys (Disc B). If my memory serves me, this was released prior to the English-language dub. DESIGNED BY: Black_Tiger.

TRIVIA: "Y's" is a decidely tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that the PCE version of Ys IV commits the cardinal sin (of using an apostrophe). The dreaded apostrophe appears on a handful of Ys releases (such as Ys I for Sega Master system).

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Hudson's CD Game Music Collection '93…  

A lovely collection of tracks from several Hudson titles, featuring three songs (from two games) that would never be released in North America—Galaxy Fraulein Yuna and Record of Lodoss War

 Hudson Music '93 (Cover)

▼ DOWNLOAD Hudson Music '93 (Cover) (3225x2475 .pdf)

 Hudson Music '93 (Insert)

▼ DOWNLOAD Hudson Music '93 (Insert) (3225x2475 .pdf)

Hudson's CD Game Music Collection '93 (HCD2010T). The only music collection TTi ever released in North America. SCANNED BY: necro.

Track Listing

  1. Opening – Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes II (Ryo Yonemitsu)
  2. Field – Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes II (Ryo Yonemitsu)
  3. Bosque – Lords of Thunder (Satoshi Miyashita)
  4. Clelom – Lords of Thunder (Satoshi Miyashita)
  5. Boss: Type 2 – Lords of Thunder (Satoshi Miyashita)
  6. Opening – Riot Zone (Chammy)
  7. Stage 1 – Riot Zone (Chammy)
  8. Boss 1 – Riot Zone (Chammy)
  9. Fusion – Galaxy Fraulein Yuna (Chammy)
  10. Dream Girl (Karaoke) – Galaxy Fraulein Yuna (Chammy)
  11. Opening – Record of Lodoss War (Shinichiro Sato)
  12. Running in the Dark – Dungeon Explorer II (Yoshio Tsuru)
  13. Under Sea Caves – Dungeon Explorer II (Yoshio Tsuru)
  14. Boss: Light & Dark – Dungeon Explorer II (Yoshio Tsuru)

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