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HOMEBREW: Atlantean (Aetherbyte) & HyperNova Blast (MindRec)…


¡ATLANTEAN! — The first HuCARD produced by indie developers, Atlantean (AbCARD) is truly a marvel. SUPPORT INDIE DEVELOPERS! Purchase Atlantean from Aetherbyte immediately, comrade!

 HyperNova Blast

¡HYPERNOVABLAST! — Not to be outdone, MindRec is back (after a ten year hiatus) with HyperNova Blast (Super CD•ROM2) featuring an utterly divine soundtrack. SUPPORT INDIE DEVELOPERS! Purchase HyperNova Blast today, my friend.  PC Genjin Smile!

Download Reflectron now…


¡PELIGRO! ¡PELIGRO! — Reflectron is a simple, addictive arcade style high-score action game which is free to download and play on a PC Engine emulator of your choice (such as Magic Engine, Mednafen or Ootake) or flash card. Of course, I encourage you to explore all of the intriguing projects brewing at Aetherbyte and support the homebrew community by purchasing a game (or two)!  PC Genjin Smile!

Pyramid Plunder available…

 Pyramid Plunder for TurboGrafx-CD

ACHTUNG! ACHTUNG! — It is a glorious time for PCE fans. Following the release of the fantastic Mysterious Song (see below), we have another game to play on our TG-16/PCE hardware! Support the TG-16/PCE homebrew community! Purchase Pyramid Plunder (SCD) today! Seriously. If you want to see future indie developement for the PCE, show Aetherbyte (and Frozen Utopia, below) some love. Visit the Pyramid Plunder Information Booth for more information. BUY IT NOW, YOU MISANTHROPE!  PC Genjin Smile!

Mysterious Song available…

 Mysterious Song for TurboGrafx-CD

ATTENZIONE! ATTENZIONE! — PCE fans of the world, unite! A new game has arrived to satiate your lust for PCE, comrades. Support the TG-16/PCE homebrew community! Purchase Mysterious Song (CD-ROM) today! It's been a few years in the making (by the team at Frozen Utopia), and it was worth the wait! The soundtrack alone is worth the price of admission, but there are many hidden goodies packed into this release as well. Visit the Mysterious Song Site for more information. BUY IT NOW, YOU PUSSYFOOTER!  PC Genjin Smile!

Pre-order PC Engine Gamer PRINT EDITION now…

 PCEngine Gamer Print Edition

AVERTISSEMENT! — Paul is now taking pre-orders for a print edition of PC Engine Gamer fanzine! For those of you following the story, you know that Paul was worried about the costs involved with a printed edition. Some folks like easter eggs, so—BONUS VIDEO—there you go. I suggest you pre-order now before he changes his mind! Explore Paul's ever-growing PC Engine Software Bible, for more PCE goodies.  PC Genjin Smile!

Finally! New scans…

 New Magazine Scans

10.12.12 — View the newest page scans added to the TurboPlay Magazine Archives (includes direct links to the new TG-16 magazine scans + running commentary). What's new? The TurboPlay Magazine Archives are finally getting new content because fellow Turbo fans (thank you henrycsc, bernie, akamichi, SuperPlay, jelloslug!) have scanned (collectively) hundreds of pages and resussitated a long-dormant site. I will be processing and uploading the new content every few days. If I get through all of henryscs's scans in a timely manner (he uploaded his scans a year ago!), then I will process an additional 450+ scans of my own that have been sitting on my laptop's harddrive for the past 5+ years (I spent a lot of time scanning my magazines, but, until now, lacked the enthusiasm to finish the project). More than 450 scans withering away on an ancient laptop for more than five years. The shame. The shame. The good news is that searching the magazine database will produce increasingly robust results as the new content is added.  PC Genjin Smile!

1993 EGM Buyer's Guide…

 EGM 1993 Buyer's Guide

04.02.12 — EGM's 1993 Video Game Buyer's Guide (.pdf). See which TG-16 titles earned some respect from EGM editors (hint: Cosmic Fantasy 2, Air Zonk, Gate of Thunder, etc.). Also, inspect the enigmatic (and unreleased) Bonk RPG as well as the interesting category created for Dragon Knight 2 (PCE). The most interesting category? Well, that would have to be the "BEST VIDEO GAME RUMOR" (Street Fighter II as a CD-ROM for TG-CD and Sega CD! Imagine the loading times!) You might also enjoy the prescient article entitled "CDs—The Future of Video Gaming" amongst other TG-16 goodies.  PC Genjin Smile!

Mysterious Chiptune…

 GameBox Title Music

03.20.12 — Mysterious chiptune… Listen to the MYSTERY chiptune that is featured on the title screen (and main menu) of Hudson's GameBox for iOS (right-click to save .mp3). It's a damn catchy tune that sounds like it is ripped from an existing PCE/TG-16 game...but I can't figure out what title (if any) the song originates from. What are the chances that Hudson commissioned (created) a new chiptune for the GameBox emulator? If you can identify the tune, or provide any info on its creation, please contact us! Special Thanks! to farankoshan for providing the .mp3!  PC Genjin Smile!

PCE Shoot-em-ups: Arcade Mode…

 Arcade Mode

03.11.11 — The High-Resolution "Arcade Mode" beckons you, especially if you are a fan of old-skool shoot-em-ups (shmups). Sadly, only a small percentage of PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16 games provide the option to "squeeze" the screen in an attempt to mimic vertical shoot-em-ups from the arcade. Also, for 3-4 games, be prepared to enter some truly sadistic codes simply to gain access to the "Arcade Mode" option. Why were the developers so cruel?  PC Genjin Sad!

Mighty-16 Party…

 Mighty-16 Party

01.31.11 — My Mighty-16 Party. I did not have the courage to share this last year. Wipe the smirk off your face as you read about My Mighty-16 Party. I suppose I had something to lose last year. Now, however, I have nothing to lose.  PC Genjin Smile!

Bonkinator: Cyborg Punk…

 Bonkinator: Punk Cyborg

01.26.11 — Would it surprise you to learn that Air Zonk could have been released as Bonkinator: Punk Cyborg? At least Bonkinator sounds better than Bonk's Thunder Shooting, the game title initially listed by North American publications.

Also, you are invited to help document all of the three-button-friendly games for TG-16 and PCE. Dig out your Avenue Pad 3 and have a party!  PC Genjin Smile!

 Zonk's New Year Wallpaper

1.11.11 — The January 1993 issue of Electronic Games was inspiring. What better way to celebrate the dawn of a new year than with Zonk's New Year Wallpaper to adorn your electronic devices? I raise my glass to you, Link! Er, Knuckles! Er, Leisure Suit Larry?  PC Genjin Smile!
STANDARD: 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x960, 1280x1024, 1400x1050, 1600x1200.
WIDESCREEN: 1280x800, 1440x900, 1680x1050, 1920x1080, 1920x1200, 2560x1600.
MISCELLANEOUS: 1280x854 (PowerBook G4).

 Lady Sword (1992, Hucard)

12.27.10 — Lady Sword (1992, HuCard, PCE) has a decent soundtrack. It has held up to countless listenings as I have been shoveling snow from today's blizzard off my never-ending driveway. My hair has clumped into icicles and my toes are numb, but Lady Sword's tunes have warmed my heart. Not bad for an "unofficial" release. NOTE: The opening of track 6 is uncannily reminiscent of the main tune from Bloody Wolf (Narazumo no Sentou Butai Bloody Wolf), but then it segues into a very catchy (but all-too-short) sequence that might as well have been an outtake from Legendary Axe II (Ankoko Densetsu). Disjointed? Sure, but I love it.

12.09.10 — Blazing Lazers (GunHed) has some damn fine chiptunes. Here I am, more than two decades after first obsessing over this stalwart shoot-em-up, and I still love Blazing Lazers (and its soundtrack). Of course, the only way to play the game these days is on the most challenging difficulty level. Truly, truly invigorating.

11.16.10 — Splatterhouse is coming to the iPhone (iOS) soon, so I need to make some new wallpaper to commemorate the occasion. Odd that Namco failed to release this a month sooner to capitalize on All Hallows' Eve (Halloween).

07.05.10 — Nothing to report, except that there are 40% more hearts in the image at the top of your screen. Go listen to the soundtrack to Lady Phantom (1991, CD, Japan) and tell me it doesn't have a few nice moments. Go ahead.


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